Cake and Cupcake Picks!

What’s the theme? What do I mean? The theme?!?!

The theme of your party or cupcakes or cake??? Is it…

Or maybe summer

Or graduation

Or Cat in the Hat

Maybe it’s Thomas


Or Maybe it’s that ever so special shower or wedding




We have got cupcake and cake toppers galore. And they are all unique! You are not going to find these in any other store. These are all made in-store. Including all our gum paste lay-ons.

We also have many new cupcake liners to match your toppers. So make those cupcakes original and themed! We can take special orders! 604-852-5950 or


I deliver good old fashion service, great prices and selections. All makes and models of vacuums, supplies and repairs

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13 comments on “Cake and Cupcake Picks!
    • Remco Coesel says:

      Thanks! They are so colorful and make decorating with for any theme really simple.

    • Remco Coesel says:

      Well my father scolded me for playing with my food, I guess I showed him.I make a living doing what my parents said would be fruitless. I play with my food and I invent things. DREAMER MY FATHER CALLED ME. Well I am currently licensing a deal with Electrolux Home Care Products for one of my inventions.He now looks at me very differently, Guess what I am trying to say is Life short, be creative, laugh,play and dream. If your ever in Canada and on the west coast come play with me, I’ll never grow up!

  1. I would have never thought that cakes and cupcakes can be a lifelong passion… You made a great business out of them, that is just brilliant… I imagine you really enjoy every bit of your work… :)
    You are blessed!

    • Remco Coesel says:

      Thank you! It is definitely amazing using your creativity on a regular basis. I do enjoy it! What is most rewarding is seeing someone else enjoy our creativity.

      • Well, I really do enjoy your ideas… I love seeing beautiful cakes and I really enjoy eating tasty cakes.
        I have never thought one could make a living out of it. I am coming from an ex communist country where we were encouraged to have an education and a steady job… Nobody boosted our creativity, which I think was a big mistake and a great loss of potentially great ideas…

      • Remco Coesel says:

        funny a friend of mine is from Moscow and she talks about how she studied art after school, music, theater, ballet, opera. I am surprised to hear it. What country did you hail from? I was jealous of the amount of exposure she got from her government studies and wished North American schools did as much as she did. I had to learn every thing on my own. I traveled,researched, and learned because of my own courosity.

      • Well Remco I am Romanian. Maybe your friend was coming from a rich family. I was not rich. I had also few colleagues that afforded all sort of activities and arts and extra classes… but most of us could not really afford it.
        I have also learned everything on my own. I have learned English alone by reading National Geographic every week, by translating using a dictionary and by taking my own notes… And even if I have learned for years and years I am still far away from being perfect… Others from my generation were privileged, they had private tutors, but it was not my case. But even so, I don’t regret a thing. Who I am now is the result of my past efforts. Maybe I could have done more, but I have certainly done more than others that could not appreciate their luck in life. :)

      • Remco Coesel says:

        I can assure you she was not rich, not even average. None the less it is a different country than yours. You are right, life and its challenges do create a person. Luck as you call it, does not exsist in my world, I make my “luck” or it is a gift from God but I do not belive in luck.I do think however that opportunities are presented in life, it’s your ability to see them and act on them that determins your out come.

      • No, luck is the moment when God gives you in the hand something that would have never ever been possible to create yourself. Like a help that comes to you out of the blue. Like crossing the street 5 centimeters away from a driver that almost kills you… I have lived this many times. Only God decides when this sort of things happen, for reasons known only to Him some have luck and some don’t.
        The rest is indeed what you make yourself, Remco. But being born in a family that gives you opportunities or being born in a poor family is not the same thing. When I was a child I sometimes envied those that were coming from a wealthy family, but later in life I found out that they lack many other skills and things that come natural to others… so I guess God shares gifts in life fair… He knows better…

      • Remco Coesel says:

        Right, God not luck, god gifts, not luck, luck is a word made by faithless man. This is what I meant in the previous comment.
        I have faith and that is to say, I am sure of what I hope for and certin of what I do not see. I have faith in the lord and he gifts me. That is not luck.
        I have faith in myself as well but that is an entirly different thing. All things the lord makes possible. This is a common thread in most religions also.

      • You said it right, people without faith call it LUCK… Funny thing, I have always believed in God but I used to believe in luck too… until I realized oneday that it is a gift from God… so from that day on I believe in miracles… :)

      • Remco Coesel says:

        Thats it !!!! God beliveves in you too Ela.

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